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27w update

How many weeks are you? 27w1d. I probably sound like a complete moron because I feel like I say this every week, but I cannot believe how fast all of this is going. I also sometimes find myself wondering who will be first among us all, LOL.

How are you feeling? Emotionally: I am now wavering between feeling totally impatient and completely unprepared. Physically: fair. One funny thing happened yesterday: I had my first attack of that charming "have to pee constantly" thing since my first trimester. I think the baby may just have been lying particularly low last evening, but I literally had to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes. The worst part was nothing even happened most of those times!

Any medical appointments, how did they go? I went to the OB last Tuesday night for a checkup and, I thought, my GD screen - except literally fifteen minutes before I was going to drink the drink (I had it on my desk and everything) her office called and told me they'd miscalculated and not to drink it after all. So now I'm going NEXT Tuesday for that. I like/ feel comfortable with my doctor, but I am really starting to be fed up with her office staff. They seem very disorganized and that irritates my Type A personality. (At least she herself answers her pager promptly. I've only beeped her once so far and she called me back within 15 minutes.)

Apart from my aggravation over the glucose test, that appointment went ok. She told me my blood pressure is still ok with her. That was reassuring because I do feel like it's been creeping up again recently. But thanks to my history of high BP, she also gave me a referral for another ultrasound and fetal doppler study. I've scheduled that for next Wednesday.

Any medical appointments coming up? Next week for my regular checkup and rescheduled GD test. I'm officially on the every-2-weeks schedule since I'm now third trimester (!!!)

Anything new happening? At my appointment I also asked my doc about maternity leave, and she said she usually has her patients go out at 36 weeks. This immediately concerned me because my company only offers max 12 weeks of maternity leave, so if I were to go out 4 weeks early I would have to return to work when the baby is only 8 weeks old. However, she insisted that with my history of hypertension and the length of my commute - 60 miles a day - she would really rather I not work my last 4 weeks.

Fortunately I think I've worked it out. I spoke to my boss the next day about telecommuting that last month ... my job is such that I can get away with working from home most of the time. My doctor also said that working from home would be ok with her. So now it looks like I'll be home after June 3rd, but technically still at work until my due date.

Pictures? None this week -- although last night I had my feet up and was seriously considering taking a picture of my "cankles." I am so swollen now that my feet and ankles are visibly enlarged. I poke them constantly for fear of signs of pitting edema - nothing though, thankfully.


That's great news about being able to work from home for the last month. I couldn't imagine having to go back to work at 8 weeks!
I hate having to go back even at 12. But I'm really relieved I didn't have to pick between following my dr's advice and spending time with my baby after he gets here. That decision would have REALLY sucked.
woo hoo for being able to work from home! it gets incredibly boring being nothing but a pregnant lady at home. blah.

i remember at around 10 weeks i went in for my glucose test, and saw the SKINNIEST little girl, aside from the pregnant belly. i went to look at her ankles just out of curiosity--she had cankles, too! im glad that cankles dont discriminate between skinny gals and curvy ones :) haha
I actually worry that I will be even MORE bored trying to work from home ... I won't want to think about anything other than the baby, but I also won't be able to get out of the house at all since I'll be tied to my laptop all day :) But I guess I'll manage somehow!!

I think I'm just being vain in that I have always loved my feet, getting pedicures, shoe shopping etc - and the swelling is kind of spoiling that for me a little :) I guess if that's the worst thing that happens though I shouldn't complain!!!
I'm really going to have to give maternity leave some thought. I keep getting asked about it, but I'm really quite clueless.... and I'm the HR person at my job! Ha! I plan to work right up to July 1 (I'm due either July 1st or/but most likely the 6th) and I'll take my two weeks paid vacation and my one week sick leave. I only work 3 days a week as it is, and if I take any more time off we won't be able to make rent. I have been told that I can apply for disability leave, which I'm going to look in to as well.

The one nice thing is that I have a not very stressful work environment or job (it's a desk job) in a small, rockin' office. My husband and I both work there and it is perfectly ok for us to bring the baby to work, so no need for day care, at least for the first few months.

We'll see though. While you and I have different challenges, your post has obviously got me thinking about how reasonable I'm being. And how I need to do some more research, as well as talk to my midwife.
Wow - and I thought the HR policies were confusing because I'm a layperson :)

If you pay for disability as part of your benefits, you should be entitled to some of it if a doctor will certify that you can't work. And FMLA should require your company to offer you unpaid leave - though it sounds like that's not really an option for you. (Is it an option for ANYONE?!)
Well, yes, I can take as much leave as I like. FMLA or no, my work place wins the gold medal for being truly family values oriented (and not in that political rhetoric baloney way!). But, the issue is paying bills and rent. We work for a nonprofit in the Bay Area so living is expensive, despite what I know are great salaries anywhere else in the US.

We also only have 9 people that work for us, including me, so being truly well versed in HR is unnecessary. Thank god!
LOL, ahhh the joys of peeing every second! :)

With my son, my job didnt offer maternity leave, so i had to go back when he was exactly two weeks old. It sucked, but no pay for a while starts to suck. Hopefully youll be able to telecommute for a bit! :)

Cankles, fun!
Oh my god, I feel for you so much - 2 weeks is way worse than what I'm facing.

I'm lucky in that I've been at my company for a while so I have accrued enough vacation/sick/personal time to only be facing 4 weeks without pay. My husband and I are very financially conservative so we will be able to swing that. But I think ultimately, I'm wishing I just didn't have to work for the next 2-3 years and that's what's making me so whiny :)
Yeah, thats what upset me was that i wanted to spend more time with Tristan like a few years. I had been with this company *major plane maker* and uh, it was close to 6 years, but always a contractor they never made me a perm employee.

Regardless, i felt like i wasnt being shown the respect i gave them all those years.

I feel you on having to pee every 15 min. The other night for about two hours I got up every 10-15 min thinking I had to pee and nothing would come out. Logan was just chilling there. I told him he needed to move. So, he kicked me..hard..it felt like his foot was going to come out of me. Haha!
A couple weeks ago my little guy found the correct position to kick me straight in the bladder. Now THAT was an experience, and it HURT!!! He finally shifted after much coaxing from me (read: lying on my side and jiggling the belly :) )

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